Teresa Jenee- Electric Yellow

Revisit and rediscover Teresa Jenee's stunning 2012 album Electric Yellow

ShunGu- All I Do EP

Belgian beatmaker ShunGu and independent record label Cosmic Compositions release the brand new instrumental EP, All I Do

Ill Camille- Touche video

West coast emcee Ill Camille drops a live new video for the track "Touche "

Radius- Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan)

Producer/DJ Radius celebrates his life as a traveling man with his latest release, Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan).

Def Dee- Deja Vu (album)

Read our review of Def Dee's latest full length project, the Deja Vu LP.

The Hurt Project- The Shady Bear Sessions (single/EP)

Listen as the band The Hurt Project blend classic and contemporary blues with their newly released "The Shady Bear Sessions" single/EP.

ADaD- In Search of The UNSEEN: ADaD x Madlib

A brand new set of dope beats and razor sharp rhymes from Chi-town wordsmith ADaD on the recently released In Search of the UNSEEN... project.

D.A.C. Beats- Beach Mu$ic EP

Listen to producer/beatmaker D.A.C Beats' newly released instrumental project, the Beach Mu$ic EP.

Hezekiah- Can I Live

Soulful new single from Hezekiah's upcoming album Dreams Don't Chase Themselves

Ju-Ar- Day Out (album)

Check out the new Day Out instrumental project from producer/beatmaker Ju-Ar.

Qwill & The Soul Review- Ghost

Enjoy this brand new bluesy soul single from Qwill & The Soul Review

Midnight Runners- Free single!

Download a free copy of the new single "Nights of Pleasure" from duo's upcoming EP Odyssey

BLENDS | BetePete- Mellow Orange Presents: Vinyl Session vol. Two

The newest Mellow Orange team member, a Berlin based DJ and vinyl nerd by the name of BeatPete, began DJ'ing and collecting vinyl a decade ago - and to this day he remains dedicated to vinyl only. His crates include hip hop & instrumental hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, and library music… And being a true fan of the pieces that he collects, BeatPete doesn't just let his collection sit around collecting dust- he make sure that his vinyl gets spun on a regular.

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VIDEO | G.Grand- Sparkle

Check out this new official video from Ontario based lyricist G.Grand. The track is credited here as "Sparkle" but fans may recognize it as the track "Shine On 'Em" from Grand's most recent album, Grand Design, which features some dope production from frequent collaborator (and Mighty Burners write-up regular) Jeepz. For the video, G.Grand keeps it simple, using city lights and a darkened street as his backdrop, the rising emcee spits his lyrics live & direct for viewers to savor. Slick lyrics and late-night vibes bring give this joint a really dope throwback hip hop feel. If you dig what you're hearing, check out the links below and get a copy of Grand Design.

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NEW RELEASE | Furns- Furns

Warm vocals and lush arrangements define this stylish debut album from the Scandinavian soul-pop group Furns. The group consists of singer/songwriter Monika Faludi and producer/arranger Mathias Dahl Andreasen, who together have been making some really silky, down-tempo pop music. Yes, I realize that collection of labels may look like a mess on paper, but I promise you that these two make it work in the studio. Throughout their self-titled debut, Monika Faludi treats listeners to delicate lines and ethereal singing while Andreasen expertly conducts an airy collection of electric pianos, synthesizers and samplers to compliment his partners engrossing vocals.The Furns album isn't so much "blue-eyed soul" (à la Michael McDonald) as it is 21st vocal jazz (à la Micheal Franks) with an slight electronica twist. Listen...I clearly suck at putting a label on this group's sound so I suggest you just check out some of my favorite cuts from the album for yourself down below (sorry, I haven't figured out how to embed a Spotify player in a blog post just yet). Enjoy.

LIVE45's | Cassow- Ride

While October may be drawing to a close, Cassow still continues to release new heat for his fans courtesy of his "GODTOBER" series of releases. A couple of weeks ago, he gave fans the well received single "MAjik". And now on the newly released single "Ride"Cassow and producer TYuS slow things down a bit to give listeners a new late-night, ride-out track. Dig the sounds. 

NEW RELEASE | DOC Mastermind- Uyuni pt 1

After his first solo album with the label Laruche Records, the acclaimed 1985 LP, the Parisian based beatmaker DOC Mastermind is back with a brand new and exclusive 2-part project entitled Uyuni. The label recently released the first half of the project, entitled Uyani pt 1 while the second half will be released by the Manchester based record label Expansions Collective.

The Uyuni project is full of the funk-fueled signature beats that DOC Mastermind has built his reputation on, with searing lead lines and sliding moog basslines throughout. As he did with 1985, DOC Mastermind once again put a lot of effort in this project. Rest assured, if you liked 1985, you will appreciate Uyani pt 1 even more !

LIVE45's | AllenANALOG- Inner.Rflxns [Jennifer]

A sweet and funky little neo-soul groover from producer AllenANALOG. The track features a really tight and snapping drum-kit, rumbling low-end, and slick vocal samples that feel very familiar (Roy Ayers perhaps?).  A mellow soul cut that feels like a chilled-out "B-side" instrumental from a 70's jazz 45. Press play and enjoy.

BLENDS | Roughsoul- Roughsoul Presents: The Electrique Summer mix

Do yourself a favor and check out this recently shared "Electrique Summer mix" presented by producer Roughsoul. Enjoy 40+ minutes of feel-good, soulful house music and nu-disco cuts as mixed by the man himself. I realize that for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the summer season is over and autumn is in full swing. And while some of you may think it strange to share a "summertime" mix this late in the year, I personally feel that a dope mixtape remains a welcomed addition to most people's playlist no matter the season. I wish I had a tracklist to share with you all, but I haven't been able to locate one so far. Regardless, press play, turn up the volume, and enjoy the vibes. 

LIVE45's | CoryaYo- doZn

Not surprisingly, I'm really feeling this laid back heater entitled "doZn" from producer CoryaYo. Channeling some really smooth 70's jazz kinda vibes, my man puts together a warm and jazzy cut that wins on so many different levels. I would love to hear someone like Voice or Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart do some spoken word-type hip hop to this one. More dope work from CoryaYo. Dig the sounds. 


More dope sounds from producer Maxx Julian with his recently released REDRUM project. If the eerie cover art doesn't clue you in ahead of time, you should know that the sounds on REDRUM are a bit darker than those showcased on Julian's last release INTENT. But don't let that sway you from checking this one out as Maxx still brings that bumpin', boom-bap sound and never fails to give listeners live beats that bang. Sinister sounds that touch down just in time for your upcoming Halloween festivities. Standouts include "Mind, Body & Soul (REDRUM INTRO)", "The Theme", "Smartphone" and "Bubble".

VIDEO | Betty Ford Boys- So Fine

Even a non-smoking square like myself can appreciate this new video from the Betty Ford Boys (Brenk Sinatra + Suff Daddy + Dexter). The visuals are for the track "So Finewhich you can find on the production trio's just released Uppers/Downers EP. The 6 track project is a nice little treat that the fellas put together for their fans to coincide with their Retox Tour (which wraps up on November 1st). You can head over to the group's Bandcamp page to get a copy of the EP digitally since the vinyl version has already sold out. And for those of us whose finances are "in flux", you can download a free copy of "So Fine" by following the link below. And remember, the teams new full-length album, titled Retox, hits your favorite music spot on November 28th.

"So Fine" - download link

NEWS | Asheru & Team Bangladesh head to Dhaka as Hip Hop Ambassadors


Next Level, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is an international hip-hop diplomacy and exchange program. In November 2014Next Level will bring a team of artists to Dhaka, Bangladesh to use hip-hop as a tool for cultural diplomacy and exchange. A team of four artists—a beat maker/producer, a DJ, a hip-hop dancer, and an MC/rapper—will spend 2 weeks in Dhaka teaching and performing hip-hop.

NEW RELEASE | Cole Nibbe & Howie Wonder- Immemorial

Following up on the buzz created by the bleary and noir-ish single "Forgotten Dreams", the duo of Cole Nibbe and Howie Wonder now unleash their gritty debut album Immemorial on the world. As a unit the two man team have mastered the art of making visceral-yet-introspective hip hop music that bangs. Listeners looking for care-free rhymes over breezy beats, take note: Cole Nibbe's withering delivery and Howie Wonder's nocturnal boom-bap production  may  will feel menacing at first. However, taking the time to delve into the great deal of concepts and ideas being laid out on this album really pays off in the end. On ImmemorialCole Nibbe & Howie Wonder construct an impressive set of raw-edged hip hop tracks and push the genre forward in the same way that acts like Cannibal Ox and Qwel & Maker did with their debut LP's. Standout cuts include "Forgotten Dreams", "Since Time Immemorial", "Repeat" and "You Ain't in Love".

NEW RELEASE | Various Artists- Pragmatic Theory Presents: Synaesthesia

A brand new collection of dusted-digital beats from the good folks over at Pragmatic Theory. Featuring some of the best and brightest on the beat-making scene today, you can expect to hear a wide array of sounds and vibes on this one. Every thing from dusty sample-based pieces to spacey future-funk tracks is represented on this monster of a set. An impressive roster of musicians, which includes names like Chief, Question, Keor Meteor, Twit One, DJ Sapien, Ben Bada Boom, and Brock Berrigan, have laced this album with nonstop champion sounds. And while the names listed above are acclaimed producers, let me be clear: EVERYONE involved with this project brought something amazing to the table. Listen..just stop reading this, skip to the album below, press "play", and enjoy.

LIVE45's | Fatima Patrice- Nostalgic Infatuation

Check out this catchy bit of goodness from a rising Cali-based emcee by the name of Fatimah Patrice. The track is called "Nostalgic Infatuation" and it has this really chilled-out,head-nod vibe going for it. As an introductory track, Fatimah displays a lot of skill as emcee on this one. Not only does she give listeners a brief but oh so sweet verse, her conversational delivery perfectly matches the track's sleek, feel-good energy. Press and play and dig the sounds for yourself. Enjoy!

VIDEO | Average Thought- Robot 24

Long Beach, CA based emcee/producer Average Thought lays out some slightly surreal visuals for the track "Robot 24". Dude drops the perfect type of flow for this track...which makes sense considering he's handling both the beats and the rhymes. I try to avoid comparing artists to one another, but fans of Moka Only and MF Doom will really dig this joint. Enjoy!

Check out more tracks from Average Thought by hitting the links below