Teresa Jenee- Electric Yellow

Revisit and rediscover Teresa Jenee's stunning 2012 album Electric Yellow

ShunGu- All I Do EP

Belgian beatmaker ShunGu and independent record label Cosmic Compositions release the brand new instrumental EP, All I Do

Ill Camille- Touche video

West coast emcee Ill Camille drops a live new video for the track "Touche "

Radius- Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan)

Producer/DJ Radius celebrates his life as a traveling man with his latest release, Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan).

Def Dee- Deja Vu (album)

Read our review of Def Dee's latest full length project, the Deja Vu LP.

The Hurt Project- The Shady Bear Sessions (single/EP)

Listen as the band The Hurt Project blend classic and contemporary blues with their newly released "The Shady Bear Sessions" single/EP.

ADaD- In Search of The UNSEEN: ADaD x Madlib

A brand new set of dope beats and razor sharp rhymes from Chi-town wordsmith ADaD on the recently released In Search of the UNSEEN... project.

D.A.C. Beats- Beach Mu$ic EP

Listen to producer/beatmaker D.A.C Beats' newly released instrumental project, the Beach Mu$ic EP.

Hezekiah- Can I Live

Soulful new single from Hezekiah's upcoming album Dreams Don't Chase Themselves

Ju-Ar- Day Out (album)

Check out the new Day Out instrumental project from producer/beatmaker Ju-Ar.

Qwill & The Soul Review- Ghost

Enjoy this brand new bluesy soul single from Qwill & The Soul Review

Midnight Runners- Free single!

Download a free copy of the new single "Nights of Pleasure" from duo's upcoming EP Odyssey

NEW RELEASE | Ashlyn- My Time

Here is a great set from a singer by the name of Ashlyn Carr, whose vocals have a graceful and classic sound that really meshes well with the album's smooth soul production. For her debut project, Ashlyn touches on a wide range of issues related to being in love, navigating the in's and out's of being in a relationship, and living life in general. One of Carr's greatest strengths as a singer is her ability to steer through a song's heavier subject matter with a sort of composed worldliness- a talent that you would expect to hear from a singer with a lot more years and life experiences under her belt.  And while My Time definitely showcases a more mature and sophisticated style right from the start, Ashlyn's rich voice and classy delivery makes everything  feel natural and effortless. A solid debut from a talented young vocalist. Standouts include the album's lead single "The Trill", the bluesy sounding "Crown", the uplifting hip-hop/soul number "Good Days" (featuring King Ace), and my personal favorite "Gold Pieces".

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NEW RELEASE |Ahwlee- F8~

Here's some deep and somewhat spiritual sounding instrumental work from Ahwlee. What initially looks and feels like a pretty straight-forward beat-tape almost immediately gives way to a meditative remix/refix project as classic hip-hop and R&B verses are given warm, 70's-style jazz-funk canvases to shine against. Ahwlee uses warm keyboards, thumping drum kits, and bubbling basslines to interconnect each cut, making the transition from a Floetry & Mos Def remix ("Closer[Tighter]") into a Bad Azz & Snoop Dogg remix ("Elastic_Step[Vigor]") feel unbelievably natural. With F8~Ahwlee seems to easily create 16 tracks of really inventive, and supremely dope head-nod music for hip-hop and jazz music fans to get into. Standouts include "Closer[Tighter]", "HoFbrew", "Psalm_Trees", "Pz_mom.[Al's_jawn]" and "Soulist*".
* ...Now I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really dig Yummy Bingham. And you have no idea how much I wish she would work with cat's like Ahwlee

LIVE45's | Element Rhymes- Dead Presidents Again

Newly released single from Inglewood, CA wordsmith Element Rhymes

VIDEO | Bilal- West Side Girl (Live @ The Breeding Ground

From the album A Love Surreal

LIVE45's | Stu Bangas- Something About You

Newly leaked head bangin' track from Stu Bangas soon-to-be released album Straight Death 3

NEW RELEASE | Lucille Ghatti- Mess In My Head

Singer Lucille Ghatti has constructed an instantly inviting collection of songs on her newly released Mess In My Head album. For this latest offering, the young singer/songwriter perfectly complements her steamy (and often tongue-in-cheek) vocals with  a string of stripped-down-but-still-atmospheric productions that bring out the best in Ghatti's warm tone and intimate style of singing. The result is an easy-flowing 7 track opus that deserves to held in the same esteem as other acclaimed "alternative R&B" acts making waves today. Standout tracks include "Extra Highs", "Mess In My Head" and "Reaching".

LIVE45's | Gas-Lab- Monday Collage

New (?) music from Buenos Aires based beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist Gas-Lab.

LIVE45's | Blakk Soul- That Kind of Love (feat. Aaron "AB" Abernathy)

Brand new single from soul singer Blakk Soul!

LIVE45's | Cassow- MAjik

Brand new track from L.A.based/Portland bred emcee Cassow.

NEW RELEASE | Jeepz- /I'L(L)-Go-Rhythm/

On /I'L(L)-Go-Rhythm - the just released follow-up to his Duende beat tape- producer/beatmaker Jeepz offers up a rock solid set of instrumentals that have a noticeably energetic and spirited feel to them when compared to the heavier raw-soul feel of his previous outing. While Jeepz remains true to the jazzy, boom-bap sound that fans have come to expect from his work, this latest offering has less of a "blunted in the basement" feel to them and more of a "don't stop the body rock" vibe running throughout its 13 tracks. But rest assured, it doesn't matter if you're an emcee looking for some live beats to rhyme to, a b-boy/b-girl looking for some beats to dance to, or a fan looking for something to bump during your daily commute, /I'L(L)-Go-Rhythm has just what you're looking for. Dig the sounds.

LIVE45's | STB- Illusion

Did somethin' different this time. Put together this beat last night, put up a preview on Instagram (stanthebeatjedi), then decided to post it here. Might be too soon though. Ah well.Enjoy."

LIVE45's | K.Raydio & O-D- The Back Wall

The new album from K.Raydio & O-D, entitled "One Drop", will be released on November 4, 2014. -K.Raydio

LIVE45's | Honey Larochelle- The Deepest Soul

"This song was recorded in 1998 or 1999...I just found it and had to share it!" -Honey Larochelle

LIVE45's | Professa- Egyptian Bump

"If the ancient Egyptians had synths, this is what I imagine it would sound like."- Professa

NEW RELEASE | DirtyDiggs- Gold Digger

The production duo DirtyDiggs (JR and Noy) drops a brand new project entitled Gold Digger which features 15 original productions and collaborations from the two man beatmaking team. Expect live appearances from fellow Gold Chain Military members Planet Asia, Killa Kali, Tristate, Montage One as well as verses from Rasco, Lyric Jones, Hus Kingpin, and more. Standout cuts include "Off the Turf", "Island Wreck", "Beverly Hills Villians", "Never Change", and the throwback soul burner "Echoes on the Wall".  Dopeness for the people.